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Hi, my name is Carsten

Carsten Rudolph

Software Developer and Computer Graphics Researcher at Chemnitz University of Technology

I am working as a software developer for more than 10 years. Since 2018 I’m researching virtual reality and computer graphics at Chemnitz University of Technology. I enjoy writing graphics applications, video game technology and contributing to open source software.

Computer Graphics


TechnoSapiens: Merging Humans with Technology in Augmented Reality

We present a marker-less AR/DR system that can replace the arm of the user with a virtual bionic prosthesis in real time including finger tracking. For this, we use a mixed reality HMD that provides the user with a stereo image based on video-see-through (VST). We apply chroma-keying to remove the user’s arm from each captured image and input reconstructed background information into the removed pixels. Before rendering the prosthesis model into the image, we re-target motion capture data of the user’s hand to the kinematic skeleton of the prosthesis to match the current hand pose. This system opens new research possibilities on self- and other-perception of bionic bodies. In a first evaluation study of the system, we propose that users perceive the virtual prosthesis model as a part of their body (i.e., that they experience a sense of ownership). We tested this assumption in a laboratory study with 27 individuals who used the system to perform a series of simple tasks in AR with their prosthesis. We measured body ownership and other measures with self-reports. In support of the hypothesis, users experienced a sense of body ownership. Also, a feeling of self-presence is induced during the task, and participants rated the overall experience as positive.

The number of individuals using some form of bionic technology that is merged to their bodies (e.g., prostheses, exoskeletons) is likely to increase in the future. Such Embodied Digital Technologies (EDTs) will affect the psychological processes underlying social interaction, perception, and stereotyping, especially when users and non-users of these technologies meet and need to coordinate in public. Therefore, understanding the psychological processes underlying the use and the perceptions of embodied technologies is important for designing such devices for smooth coordination. However, today’s limited availability of both, technology and their users limits the possibilities for conducting psychological studies in this area. We thus suggest employing Mixed Reality (MR) to simulate wearing those technologies and to simulate encounters between users for studying associated processes. We call our system TechnoSapiens to emphasize the merging of human bodies with technology. We describe major technological requirements, propose a psychological framework to assess the system’s capabilities and lay out the current state-of-the-art in the respective fields.

Recent Developments in Example-based Texture Synthesis for Graphics Rendering

Projects & Contributions

Owner 2018

A unified framework for example-based texture synthesis.

Owner 2020 - Present

An extensible, descriptive, modern computer graphics and rendering engine.

.NET x CMake
Owner 2020 - Present

Your swiss army knife for creating .NET assemblies with CMake and integrating unmanaged code.

Contributor 2020 - Present

C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Contributor 2021

Multi-Language Vulkan/GL/GLES/EGL/GLX/WGL Loader-Generator based on the official specs.

GTA: United
Founder, Developer 2021

Total conversion modification for GTA: San Andreas.

Professional Career

Scientific Staff & PhD Student
Chemnitz University of Technology

Sept 2018 - Present, Chemnitz

Following my Master’s Degree, I started my PhD study at the Professorship for Computer Graphics and Visualization at the Faculty for Computer Sciences in 2018.

  • Computer Graphics research.
  • PhD student in the Collaborative Research Centre 1410 (Hybrid Societies).
  • Development of Diminished Reality application for psychological research on Stereotyping of users of Embodied Digital Technologies.
  • Development of a 3D publishing and analysis application for archeological troves.
  • Hosting lectures and courses.

Software Developer
SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH

Oct 2011 - April 2018, Chemnitz

SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH develops IT solutions for small and mid-size companies, as well as large industrial subcontractors.

  • Implementing management platform for decentralized RFID-based industrial automation middleware (GRAIDWARE).
  • Substential contributions to core software libraries of GRAIDWARE.
  • Developing and implementing concepts for improvements in software development process (including SCRUM, Version Control, Tests and Builds).

Working Student
SIGMA Software & Consulting GmbH

Oct 2008 - Sept 2011, Chemnitz

SIGMA Software & Consulting GmbH specializes on providing enterprise planning solutions for small and mid-size companies.

  • Implementing tools for configuration of industrial machines.
  • Developed a cloud-based, dynamic deployment system for ERP extensions.



M. Sc. in Applied Computer Science, Virtual Reality and Interactive Multimedia
German 6-point scale: 1.8 (good) out of 6
Dipl.-Ing. (BA) in Computer Engineering
German 6-point scale: 2.1 (good) out of 6
High School Diploma (Abitur)